Adventuring Responsibly

NJ Manahawkin WMA State Forest Graffiti Cleanup

Manahawkin WMA State Forest in New Jersey, enjoyed by families, was vandalized with graffiti and inappropriate language. The New Jersey DEP Conservation Police asked Off Road Roos if we could help. Volunteers removed trash and painted over graffiti on June 4th and subsequent days, restoring the area to its former family-friendly condition.

Mud, Sweat, and Stewardship: The Off-Road Roos’ Epic Forest Cleanup Adventure (May 2024)

The Off-Road Roos Community organized a three-day cleanup in New Jersey’s State Forests, collecting litter from hundreds of miles of trails. Supported by Subaru and local sponsors, volunteers removed debris, demonstrating the power of community and dedication to conservation. Their mission promotes responsible off-roading and environmental protection.


In April 2024, Off Road Roos went on a Scouting Adventure in preparation for one of their state forest cleanups.

Join the Off-Road Roos Community as we embark on a thrilling off-roading adventure through the rugged terrain of New Jersey’s State Forests! In this video, we scout potential cleanup locations for our upcoming forest cleanup events while showcasing the incredible capabilities of our off-road vehicles. Along for the ride, were various years of Subaru Forester off road, Subaru Crosstrek, all three Wildernesses, Subaru Outbacks off road, a Subaru Ascent and Subaru Solterra off roading.

Off-Roading 101: Master Approach, Breakover, and Departure Angles with Your Subaru Wilderness!

Off-roading angles are key to tackling tough terrain in your Subaru Wilderness. We break down approach, breakover, and departure angles, explaining how they work and how to maximize them. Learn how the Wilderness’s design boosts these angles, and discover the power of angled approach for conquering steep slopes and obstacles.

Hitting the Trails with Off Road Roos: A Weekend of Adventure and Learning

Off Road Roos ventured into the Pine Barrens, New Jersey for a thrilling weekend of off-roading, involving challenging trails, learning, and muddy fun. The adventure emphasized preparedness and skill-sharing among Subaru enthusiasts, culminating in communal campfire evenings. The event welcomed both newcomers and experienced drivers, fostering friendships and unforgettable experiences.

Can the Subaru Forester Wilderness Climb Off Road?

Previously, we explored the off-road capabilities of the Outback Wilderness and Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness, confirming their ability to climb effectively. Now, we turn our attention to the Subaru Forester Wilderness to assess its climbing prowess. Follow along as we review all three models and don’t forget to join our Facebook group, OFF ROAD ROOS, to continue the adventure.